Our Services

4-Color Process

Our in house designer specializes in 4-color process separations. Artwork is provided and then separated into four colors (CMYK) which combine to create the full spectrum of colors needed for photographic prints. This means a large number of colors can be simulated using only 4 screens, reducing costs, time and set-up.

Pantone (PMS) Color Matching

Part of a high quality print is being confidant in the exact color; that’s why we offer PMS at an affordable rate.

Specialty Techniques

A great way of self expression is through creative printing and techniques. Our specialty techniques range from Reflective to Glow In The Dark. Let us show you the power of adding accent to your garment.

Graphic Sizing

If your not sure about the sizing or location on graphics we can help! We will size your graphic to the smallest shirt ensuring it looks good on all your t-shirt sizes. Keep in mind as the shirt size gets larger your graphic will look smaller.


Plastisol is the most common ink used in commercial garment decoration. Good color opacity onto dark garments and clear graphic detail with, as the name suggests, a more plasticized texture.


these penetrate the fabric more than the plastisol inks and create a much softer feel. Ideal for printing darker inks onto lighter colored garments. Also useful for larger area prints where texture is important.


Discharge ink is used to print lighter colors onto dark background fabrics, they work by removing the dye of the garment – this means they leave a much softer texture. It adds variety to the design or gives it that natural soft feel.


Is plastisol ink mixed with an additive to soften the ink. It creates a soft hand feel. This technique is often used to create a "vintage" look.


Metallic inks are infused with small particles to create a shimmer look. They are great for creating a foil or glitter imitation.


Enhanced Reflective combines the appearance of a superior silver metallic shimmer during the daylight hours with the enhanced visibility of a reflective ink in low light situations when exposed to a direct light source.


Yes, it really glows in the dark!


Chalkboard Plastisol is used to provide a smooth, dry surface on a garment which can be written upon with normal limestone chalk.


Puff ink is an additive to plastisol inks which raises the print off the garment, creating a 3D feel and look to the design. Mostly used when printing on apparel.

Gradient / Halftones

Our careful attention to detail and precision allows us to print beautiful halftones, highlights and shadows for a nice realistic image. Color fade and color blend is an excellent way of creating unique custom art work.

Proof Preview

Our designer provides a Proof (mock up) with every order. This insures both printer and customers that we are all on the same page with art size, color and location. A proof lets you see your image on digital screen before production.